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11th National conference of statistics

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20-21 February 2013
Rome, Palazzo dei Congressi
Piazzale Kennedy, 1

Knowing the present, planning the future

This year the Conference aims at highlighting the importance and strategic role of statistical information in the policy making process and the Country’s governance. It will provide opportunities for in-depth discussion and dialogue between the various components of the National Statistical System.

Besides the traditional plenary sessions, the Conference will host roundtables on the quality of statistics and new evaluation and forecasting models and parallel sessions on the following four main themes: the “Pact” between statistics and society, the Public administration and Sistan reform, new measures against the economic crisis and the so-called “data deluge” (open data, big data, etc.).

This year, the Salone della Cultura is dedicated to various topics including censuses, new forms of data visualization and statistical information for young generations.

The Conference will also host the Galleria BES, a sort of “walk-through” exhibition dedicated to the concept of equitable and sustainable well-being and the emerging set of indicators of its various dimensions.

The Salone dell’informazione statistica is the space dealing with statistical information that is traditionally dedicated to central and local administrations.

Finally, this year’s programme will be enhanced by educational initiatives offered by the Scuola di Statistica e di analisi sociali ed economiche (School of Statistics and social and economic analyses), aimed in particular at people wishing to learn more about techniques for collecting, managing and processing data.

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Event Date: 20 February 2013