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Farm structure survey: microdata for research purposes

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The Farm structure survey is carried out in compliance with Regulation CEE  n.571/88 and other specific Council Directives. In 2005 the survey was carried out by a strong collaboration with local administrations (Regions and Autonomous Regions and Provinces).

Local administrations were in charge of data collection and data entry in agreement with the 3rd Memorandum of Understanding among Istat, Mipaf and Regions and with methods established by Istat. Data collection was carried out from October 2005 to June 2006 using a random sample of 56,542 farms. The majority of these farms – 54,911 – were selected among the 2,150,000 farms coming from the Agricultural Census 2000.

Reference period: Year 2005

Date of Issue: 01 July 2010



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