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Istatdata: the Istat's new platform for aggregate data dissemination

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IstatData is Istat’s new aggregate data dissemination platform that will gradually replace the I.Stat data access system.

IstatData allows users to browse the same content as the previous system enriched with graphs, maps and thematic-level summary dashboards.  In addition, the new platform allows users to:

  • customize tables and charts and view them in full screen;
  • compare data tables by bookmarking them;
  • search for information through a combination of textual and thematic tools;
  • share the url of the selected data table;
  • download graph images and data in different formats (excel, sdmx, csv, json);
  • view data quickly thanks to an innovative caching system;
  • navigate data by individual territory in dashboards with “Spatial Tables.”
  • access machine-to-machine data available through a special API, as described in the Web service SDMX section.

The new platform provides access to navigation tables organized by themes and sub-themes found in the “DATA” section. It is also possible to consult thematic prospectuses with interactive tables, charts and maps for a summary view of the phenomena represented, contained in the “SUMMARY DATA” section.

The platform makes use of the open source tools “Data Browser” and “Meta & Data Manager” developed by Istat following the international SDMX (Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange) standard for exchanging and sharing statistical data and metadata.

This first release of the new platform presents six themes:

  • National Accounts,
  • Population and Households,
  • Household Economic Conditions,
  • Agriculture,
  • Enterprises,
  • Welfare and Pension.

Until the population is completed- forseen in early 2023-the new platform will coexist with the I.Stat system allowing access to updated data from both platforms.

IstatData: direct access to statistics

Date of Issue: 20 October 2022


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