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Review of official statistics 1-2/2020

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Full issue no. 1-2/2020


Improving quality and containing respondents’ burden in socio-demographic surveys: the case of intra-household relationships
Carolina Facioni, Luciano Fanfoni, Martina Lo Conte, Stefania Macchia, Paolo Piergentili, Luciana Quattrociocchi, Marco Scuderi

Implementing ICD-11 for mortality statistics: translation of decision tables embedded in the automated coding system Iris
Chiara Orsi, Daniele De Rocchi, Mihai Horia Popescu, Friedrich Heuser, Stefanie Weber, Luisa Frova, Vincenzo Della Mea, Francesco Grippo

Optimal design of a master sample: the case of the Household surveys in the Republic of Moldova
Giulio Barcaroli, Loredana Di Consiglio, Alessio Guandalini, Marco Dionisio Terribili

Tags: Typology: id:271061

Date of Issue: 31 August 2020


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