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12 Bes indicators in the 2021 Economic and Financial document

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From 2017, in the DEF there has been started to be a selection of well-being indicators were picked out from the BES framework. The utilization of these indicators to define the politics economic was established in the law 163/2016 (Balance Reform) that fixed an innovative decision: to consider all possible impacts of the measures indicated in the DEF concerning the main well-being dimensions on the Italian people.

The first application of these indicators considered only a minimum set of 4 BES indicators, that were analyzed and expected by the MEF in the DEF 2017.

The MEF most recent publication is DEF 2021 disseminated on the 5th of May 2021. In the document the trend of well-being indicators up to 2020 was analysed and the forecast of some of them up to 2024 was provided. The document also contains a qualitative assessment of the measures (investments and reforms) envisaged in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, approved by Parliament on April 27, 2021, aimed at tracing the possible impacts on the BES indicators. Finally, a specific focus is dedicated to simulating the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on absolute poverty.

For this publication, Istat provided the 2020 updates of well-being indicators, mainly based on final data but also, when it was necessary to ensure timeliness, on provisional data and ad hoc models for advance estimates.

More information are available at BES and DEF web page.

Date of Issue: 08 June 2021