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The questionnaire is the survey tool used to collect information on all the people in the sample.

The questions in the questionnaire are closely studied both in their wording and in their sequence, so that they are as clear as possible and will have the same meaning for all respondents, in order to collect information in a homogeneous way. The questions are expressed in simple words and the response modes reflect real-life situations. Due to the difficulty of the answer or the sensitivity of the subject matter, some questions of the survey provide the option not to answer.

The questionnaire of the survey on the Labor Force consists of:

  • a household form in which the main socio-demographic information on each member of the de facto family is collected, even if temporarily absent
  • an individual questionnaire administered to all members between 15 and 89 years of age, divided into 11 thematic sections. Therefore, there will be as many individual questionnaires as there are eligible members of the de facto family.

Here are the details of the 14 sections of the questionnaire:

  • Section A: Who Answers the Questions
  • Section B: Working status in the Reference Week
  • Section C: Main Job
  • Section D: Second Job
  • Section GIG: Digital Platform Job
  • Section E: Previous Work Experience
  • Section F: Search for employment
  • Section J: Self-perceived activity status and pension
  • Section G: Employment services
  • Section H: Education and professional Training
  • Section I: Self-perceived activity status one year before

Those who are employed by the questions in Section B will follow the main path of the questionnaire. Those who are not employed will automatically skip sections C, D, and GIG on their current job and go directly to section E, which concerns any previous work experience.

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