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2020 SDGs Report. Statistical information for 2030 Agenda in Italy

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Edition year: 2020
Series: Letture statistiche – Temi
Pages: 190
ISBN: 978-88-458-2029-8

Statistics is called to contribute to the progress towards sustainability by guaranteeing its output, thereby adapting and improving its own capacity, timeliness, relevance, and granularity of data. This was the case in the 1990s, with the development of what were called the Millennium Goals, and the same applies today for the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030.
Istat is part of this long and challenging process, with the major role that necessarily belongs to official statistics. The institutions of our country acknowledge the importance of informing policy choices through the availability of solid statistical information. As shown in this Report, statistical information does monitor our progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals, though not always following a linear and rapid path.

With this Report, we offer our readers a picture of Italy, on its way towards sustainable development but on the eve of the current pandemic’s outbreak. We are aware that the impact of the virus in our country has been violent, intense, uneven on both demographics and the territory, traumatic for the economy and for the way of life of households and individuals, especially for the youngest and oldest people, and women at first. We are aware how social and economic gaps have widened. We are aware that our cities and our countries have long been deserted, and that, although the quality of air, rivers, and coasts improved, many sectors, such as tourism, trade and other productive sectors, many firms and workers have paid a high price because of the lockdown, which was necessary to mitigate the contagion.

The pandemic crisis has revived in a new and dramatic way the issue of the fragile balance between health, environment, well-being and prosperity. The pandemic crisis has raised at the global level the question of sustainability in an even more compelling way than before.

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Date of Issue: 30 September 2020