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Violence against women: microdata for research purposes

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The Italian Violence against the Women Survey aims to highlight all different kinds of gender violence against women in Italy covering all its aspects. It aims to provide estimate of incidence and prevalence, particularly for intimate partner violence. The data file refers to the second wave of the Survey performed in 2015. The survey collect and provide information about:

  • Wideness and characteristics of the violence against women within and out the family, the number of events and their description;
  • the period when the violence took place, for example during life or in the last 12 months;
  • victims characteristics, victims reactions, physical, psychological and economic consequences of violence;
  • perpetrators characteristics, with focus on the authors when they are intimate partners;
  • incidence of dark number of violence, how many events have been reported to the police, reason why not reported;
  • characteristics of the violence event, the story of the relationship between the victim and the perpetrator when he is an intimate partner;
  • violence suffered before 16teen.

Starting from these data it can be estimated:

  • violence risk factors and protective factors
  • social cost of violence, both for the woman and her children, in term of ordinary activities lost due to violence, of social and health cares, direct costs as medical care, lawyers, material damages etc.

In the second wave of the survey, for the first time, a sample design with mixed technique has been applied in order to collect information from foreign women and providing estimates for selected citizenship. For further details, see the methodological document of the Survey.

Reference period: Year 2014

Date of Issue: 29 January 2020



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