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Integration of the second generation: microdata for research purposes

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In 2021 ISTAT carried out the survey “Children and young people: behavior, attitudes, and future projects” with the support of the Ministry of Education.

The general aim of the research was to collect information about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the daily lives of children and young people, in order to highlight the vulnerabilities and strengths of the country’s youngest citizens. The sample was representative for foreign and Italian students and it was also possible to disaggregate data for students that have acquired Italian citizenship.

The research involved a sample of around 41,000 students attending secondary schools in Italy and focused on various topics. The sample represented the first five most frequent foreign citizenships and several citizen groups. Some of the questions dealt with the pandemic (distance learning, relationships with peers and family, the use of social media); other questions were more general and collected information about behaviors, opinions and expectations of the students about several aspects of everyday life, including the environment, future plans and the use of internet. Finally, some questions were focused on students with a foreign background: migrant history, language use, citizenship, etc. The survey was administered using computer-assisted web interviewing with students filling the survey at home – or where they preferred – since they could also use the smart phones to fill the form.

Reference period: Year 2021

Date of Issue: 31 May 2023



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