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Ontology on people and households (CPV_AP-IT)

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The ontology CPV_AP-IT is the Italian application profile on people. This ontology describes People, their place of residence, their place of birth and households.

People are classified as male/female, in life/non-life, residents/non-residents, Italian citizens/ foreigners/stateless persons.

For each person are defined the main attributes such as name, surname, date of birth, possible date of death, sex, age, age at the death time, educational level and degree.

In the ontology are also defined the possible relationships between two people (i.e. parent, child, grandfather, uncle, nephew) and the relationships between the reference person of the household and the persons belonging to his/her household (i.e. spouse, child of the reference person).

Ontologies are published in RDF-XML, Turtle and Json-ld formats.

Date of Issue: 04 December 2019