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The profile of the new entrepreneurs

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The expansion of the social, economic and statistical information is carried out from the integration of multiple administrative and statistical sources. This allows to define and analyze the profile of new entrepreneurs more accurately.

In 2014 there were about 316 thousand entrepreneurs who decided to start a new business. 35.8% were entrepreneurs with employees, 64.2% were own account workers. Compared to entrepreneurs already present with similar structural characteristics, the founders of new businesses were on average younger, better educated and with a higher number of foreigners.

The percentages of the new entrepreneurs under 35 were 27.1% for entrepreneurs with employees and 38.4% for own account workers.

Although operating in the more traditional sectors of Manufacturing and Services, 42.7% of the own account workers and 18.7% of the entrepreneurs with employees started their business in High-tech manufacturing and
Knowledge intensive services.

An important contribution to the new entrepreneurship was given by women. 28.4% of new entrepreneurs with employees were women. This percentage increased for the own account workers: more than 30% were women. In particular, the new entrepreneurs women were 48.4% included in the High-tech manufacturing and Knowledge intensive services, against 39.0% of men.

Foreign entrepreneurs were equal to 10% of the own account workers and 11% of the entrepreneurs with employees. They were, on average, less educated than Italians. Only 17.4% of own account workers and 11.4% of foreign entrepreneurs with employees had at least a bachelor’s degree.

There were not significant differences of entrepreneur profiles among territorial divisions. Only the South and Islands area registered the highest percentage of young people, especially among the own account workers (41.0% are under 35), but the lowest of foreign entrepreneurs (only 5%).

Female entrepreneurship
presented a strong heterogeneity that can be summarized in the following profiles: 45.6% of female entrepreneurs were over 35 and with limited education; 20% of female entrepreneurs were young, with advanced education and started Their business mainly in the innovative economic sectors; more than one third were over 50 and worked mainly in trade and in other services.

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Reference period: Year 2014

Date of Issue: 23 December 2016