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World water day 2016: Istat water statistics

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The meteorological stations located in the regional capital municipalities registered, in the period 2001-2014, an average annual precipitation of 740.8 mm, 1.1% less than the long-term average for the 30-year period 1971-2000 (Climatic Normal).

The rainiest year was 2010 (996.4 mm), while the droughtiest one was 2007 (553 mm).

The annual count of days with more than 20 mm/day of precipitation was 9 on average, aligned to the Climatic Normal. Consecutive days without precipitation were 25 on average, aligned with the Climatic Normal.

Water supplied by the public water supply system amounted to 5.2 billion of cubic meters in 2012, with a decrease of 5.4% compared to 2008. Therefore, the daily supply of water for drinking purposes was equal to 14.3 million of cubic meters, equivalent to 241 liters per inhabitant.

In 2015 water supply was indicated as irregular by 9.2% of the Italian households. This percentage was slightly increased in comparison with 2014 (8.7%). Also in 2015 the lack of confidence in drinking the tap water remained a particularly widespread phenomenon in Italy, actually 30% of Italian households were worried about this.

In the crop year 2012-2013 the irrigation was practised by 720,335 farms over an area of 2,917,649 hectares, scoring a 16.2% increase compared to 1982.

At the national level, in the crop year 2009-2010 the total volume of irrigation water amounted to about 11.6 billion of cubic meters.

In 2012 the total volume of water used as input by Italian manufacturing industry amounted to 5.5 billion of cubic meters. The sector of chemistry and chemical products used the largest volume of water (681 million of cubic meters), closely followed by the rubber & plastics sector (645 million of cubic meters).

On average, 8.8 liters of water were used for each euro of the total manufacturing production sold.

In 2012 the volume of water used for thermoelectric power plants cooling amounted to 18.4 billion of cubic meters, of wich 88.5% came from sea water and the remaining 11.5% from inland water.

In the thermoelectric power plants in 2012, 119.7 million of cubic meters of water were used for the electricity generation process, of which 75.4 million were inland water.

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Reference period: Years 2001-2014

Date of Issue: 21 March 2016



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