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Workshop Scanner Data

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1-2 October 2015
Istat, Aula Magna
Via Cesare Balbo – Rome

Event is by nvitation only

The workshop “Scanner Data” is organized by Istat in cooperation with Eurostat and it is held in Istat headquarter in Rome, Via Cesare Balbo 14 on the 1st and the 2nd of October 2015.

The framework of this event is the European project “Multipurpose Price Statistics” that is aimed at modernizing the European statistics on consumer prices; it encourages an integrated approach to the use of elementary data (for both temporal and spatial comparison) and the adoption of new data sources (scanner data) and of new techniques of data collection (web scraping).

The workshop will allow statisticians and experts of the National Statistical Institutes, of Eurostat and of other institutions to discuss the current developments and activities in the compilation, using scanner data, of consumer price indices and of purchasing power parities. Therefore attention of the participants will be focused on methodological issues, IT problems and practical aspects.

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Evolution of the retail trade market (grocery and other products) and the role
of modern distribution
Hélène Hotellier
Abstract | Presentation

Belgian scanner data project: methodology and results
Ken Van Loon, François Valenduc
Abstract | Presentation

Scanner data in the Luxembourg HICP/CPI: Moving towards implementation
Vanda Guerreiro, Claude Lamboray
Abstract | Presentation

Preliminary results of scanner data analysis and their use to estimate Italian
Alessandro Brunetti, Stefania Fatello, Federico Polidoro
Abstract | Presentation

Polish scanner data project – first steps
Anna Bobel, Tomasz Pietras
Abstract | Presentation

Methodology – Towards a recommendation on scanner data
Dirk-Jan Hoogerdijk
Abstract | Presentation
Presentation of the recommendation on obtaining scanner data
Abstract | Presentation

Presentation on the state of play for a recommendation on processing
scanner data
Berthold Feldmann
Abstract | Presentation

Scanner data current pratice
Berthold Feldmann
Abstract | Presentation

The use of SD on non-food products
Pia Skare Rønnevik
Abstract | Presentation

Real sale prices vs. displayed prices: an issue to consider before
expanding scanner data to other sectors than food products
Isabelle Léonard
Abstract | Presentation


Outline of a framework for integral processing of scanner data in the Dutch CPI
Antonio Gavino Chessa
Abstract | Presentation

The CIA (consistency in aggregation) approach. A new economic approach
to elementary indices
Jens Mehrhoff
Abstract | Presentation

The impact of spatial aggregation on price indices with scanner data
Ingolf Boettcher
Abstract | Presentation

The Swedish experience with scanner data: from sampling to index calculation
Paulina Jonéus
Abstract | Presentation

Sampling design issues in Italian experience on scanner data and the
possible integration with microdata coming from traditional data collection
Claudia De Vitiis
Abstract | Presentation

IT Architectures for Handling Big Data in Official Statistics: the case
of scanner data in Istat
Antonino Virgillito
Abstract | Presentation

Data warehouse approach to statistical data management
and the perspective of its use for scanner data
Antonio Laureti Palma
Abstract | Presentation

Conclusion of the workshop
Dirk Jan Hoogerdijk
Abstract | Presentation

The material presented during the workshop is available here on Slideshare

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Event Date: 01 October 2015