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New series of estimates on the resident population at NUTS-2 level for the 1/1/2002-1/1/2014 period

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Istat releases “new series of estimates on the resident population at NUTS-2 level for the 1/1/2002-1/1/2014 period”, to be used as a reference for the main macroeconomic aggregates and indicators.

The gap occurred in occasion of the last Census (October 9th 2011) between the legal population (published in the Official Journal of the Italian Republic no. 209 of December 18th 2012) and the registered population, in terms of overcoverage and undercoverage, has determined a revision process of the population registers in every municipality that took place in the post-census period, as stated in the Article 46 of the Population Register law. To this regard, after the closing of the Census operations, Istat has provided Municipalities with an online information system (Sistema Revisione Anagrafi – SIREA) that allows to review the Population Registers on the basis of the Census results.

Differently from the previous experiences, the 15th Population Census has been characterized by a strong reduction of the timing, in particular with regard to the: a) release of the Legal population (4 months earlier compared to 2001); b) release of the “intercensal population estimates for the period 2001-2011” (15 months earlier compared to the previous one); c) revision of the Population Registers through the SIREA system.

With regard to the latter point, the efficiency of the SIREA system in allowing the Municipalities to rectify the Population Register has resulted in a significant recovery, in 2012 and moreover in 2013, of resident persons to be enrolled (i.e. people not censused but to be actually counted as resident), and then a sharp rise of the resident population in the post-census time due not to real demographic events but to purely administrative procedures.

From a methodological perspective, the new regional population estimates are the result of the Post Enumeration Survey (PES). More information on such survey are available at the following address: http://www.istat.it/en/archive/145236

Reference period: 1/1/2002-1/1/2014

Date of Issue: 14 January 2015



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