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Health and safety at work

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Istat disseminates the main results of the ad hoc module “Health and Safety at work”, inserted in the Labour Force Survey during the second quarter 2013 and already proposed in the second quarter 2007.

The main topics of the survey are: accidents at work; work-related health problems; exposure to risk factors at work.

People who claimed they had at least one accident at work or in the course of travelling between home and the workplace, were 714,000: corresponding to 2.9% of employed and not employed who were employed in the past 12 months. There was a decrease compared to 2007, when they were 937,000, that is 3.7% of total.

People in the last 12 months who declared work-related health problems or diseases were 2 million 282 thousand, 5.4% of the total population of employed and not employed with previous work experience.
The proportion was higher among men (5.7%) than women (5.1%) and among Italians (5.5%) compared to foreigners (4.7%). The overall proportion showed a decrease compared to 2007, when it was 6.9%.

More than half of people reporting health disorders complained about a bone, joint or muscle problem (59.0%), especially in the back (29.5%). Health problems of a psychological nature such as stress, depression and anxiety affected 11.9% of them.

Over 17 million of employed people (76.6% of the total) perceived the presence of at least one risk factor for health at work; 74.7% felt exposed to at least one physical risk factor. The 8 risk factors investigated were: exposure to chemicals, dust, fumes, smoke or gases; exposure to noise or strong vibration; exposure to difficult or tiring work postures; repetitive movements of the hand or arm; other movements that affect health; exposure to handling of heavy loads; exposure to activities involving strong visual concentration; exposure to risk of accidents.

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Reference period: Year 2013

Date of Issue: 12 December 2014