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Non-eu citizens holding a residence permit

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The non-EU foreigners holding a residence permit in Italy on 1st January 2014 are 3.874.726. From 2013 to 2014 there was an increase of approximately 110 thousand units. The most relevant citizenships are: Morocco (524,775), Albania (502,546), China (320,794), Ukraine (233,726) and Philippines (165,783).

In 2013 the share of non-EU children in Italy amount to 23.9% of the total foreign population holding a residence permit.

The share of long-term permits is continuing to grow. In 2013 they were 2,045,662 and in 2014 they are 2,179,607, representing the largest part of the regular presence (56.3%).

The new inflows of non-EU foreigners are continuing to decline: in 2013 almost 256.000 new permits were issued, nearly 3,2% less than the previous year. The decrease in the new permits has affected women (-5%) more  than men (-1.4%). In the period the new permits issued for work increased by 19,3% respect the number of new permits issued for the same reason in 2012;  on the contrary the permits for all other reasons decreased: the number of the new permits for family reasons declined by 10%, the permits for study by 12%, the permits for asylum and other humanitarian reasons by 16,5%.

The 82% of non-EU citizens regularized in 2003 have still a valid permit in Italy at 1st January 2014.

Almost 80% of those who have remained have a long-term residence permit in 2014.

During 2012, there were 65,383 acquisitions of citizenship. Of these, 60,226 (92, 1%) involved people who had previously the nationality of a third country. They were mostly Moroccans (15,072) and Albanians (9,515). In general, women represent the 51.9% of total acquisitions by non-EU citizens. For some communities the female component is clearly prevalent: Ukraine (87.7%), Brazil (74.4%), Peru (71.5%).

Reference period: Year 2013-2014

Date of Issue: 05 August 2014



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