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Press release

The system of national accounts changes

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In 2014 important changes will be introduced in the European System of National Accounts (Esa), the framework which sets out the standard methods for calculating national accounts data within the European Union.

In Italy, as in most of the Eu countries, the switch to a new version of accounting standards (i.e. the transition from the 1995 version to theĀ  Esa 2010) is also the moment to introduce the necessary improvements to the methods used to compile measurements along with the new information sources which have become available in recent years. The following text describes the system of national accounts, the reasons for the introduction of the new Esa, the most important changes and the impact they will have on the main macro-economic figures, as well as the schedule for publishing the new national accounts data.

To find out more, http://www.istat.it/en/ home page has a section dedicated to the new system of national accounts