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Continuing vocational training survey: microdata for research purposes

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The objectives of Continuing vocational training survey, abbreviated as CVTS are to assess the provision of vocational training in businesses in terms of the types of training offered, the numbers of employees being given training, and the costs of training.

The scope of CVTS is enterprises employing ten or more people and it measures the training provided to employees other than apprentices and recognised trainees. Enterprises are the reporting unit level (company or organisation), rather than local unit level (establishment).

CVTS provides information on training enterprises, the participation to training, the volume of continuous vocational training courses (CVT) and its costs, and moreover information on Initial vocational training (IVT) courses.

Besides some structural information on enterprises, the CVTS main variables are on internal and external courses and other forms of continuing vocational training like instructions at conferences, planned periods of training, instruction or practical experience using normal tools of work, planned learning through job rotation, exchanges or secondments, learning/quality circles, etc.

The CVTS, is an European Union-wide survey on continuing vocational training carried out by Eurostat in a co-ordinated form (outline questionnaire, common definitions, and common recommendations with respect to the fieldwork). The legal basis for the data collection within the European Statistical System is the European Parliament / Council Regulation (EC) No 1552/2005.

Reference period: Years 2005, 2020

Date of Issue: 03 May 2023



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