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Experimental statistic

Wage inequality indices in small enterprises

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Istat disseminates the results of the estimates produced by an experimental database – obtained from the integration of different LEED type sources (Linked Employer-Employed Data) on the labour market – which allows to study the joint distribution of the main characteristics of job position, employee, enterprise where the position is located and territory where it operates. In particular, the ASIA statistical register and the employment information system, the RACLI thematic register – extension and part of the “employment information system” -, the extended Frame-SBS register -related to the enterprise economic results- have been integrated at micro level.

The field of observation is limited to the job positions with more than one hour of paid work in enterprises with less than 50 employees and based in a single municipality (7 million and 830 thousand, equal to 47.8% of employment positions in the private sector), excluding the agricultural and insurance-financial sectors. It is about a third of the enterprises, for a total of 1 million 400 thousand.

The choice of considering only small enterprises answers to the need of accurately measuring wages inequalities in relatively simple economic units, highly representative of the Italian productive reality and with strong and direct relations with the territory, postponing to a later time the extension of indicators to medium and large multi-localized enterprises.

Through a plurality of distribution indicators, including the inequality decomposition in the within and between components (using the entropy indices), the hourly wage is analysed in association with the main characteristics of job positions, employees, enterprises and territories.

The data refer to the year 2014.

For information:

Cristina Freguja
ph. 06 4673.2030

Reference period: Year 2014

Date of Issue: 23 November 2018


Experimental statistics

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