Citizens and the ICTs
In 2012, 55.5% of households have access to the Internet and 59.3% have a PC
Reference period: Year 2012
Date of publication: Friday, 3 May 2013
Theme: Communication culture and leisure
Document typology: Press release
Tags: broadband, camera, communication, computer, e-commerce, e-mail, household, information technology, innovation, mobile phone, modem, new technologies, personal computer, services, statistics report, technology, telecommunications, television, website
ICT in enterprises
Istat disseminates the main findings of the survey on the use of ICT in enterprises in industry and services
Reference period: January 2011
Date of publication: Wednesday, 21 December 2011
Theme: Enterprises, Industry and construction, Services
Document typology: Press release
Tags: broadband, communication, computer, e-commerce, enterprise, industry, information technology, innovation, service, statistics report, technology, telecommunications, website
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