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Major revision of national accounts in September 2024

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A major revision of national accounts has been agreed upon at European level for 2024, five years after the previous revision in 2019.

Major, or benchmark, revisions are planned to take account of the availability of new information sources, methodological changes in the treatment of basic data, innovations in the classification and/or definition of variables. The revisions concern the entire time series of national account data.

Istat will release the first results with the publication of the annual accounts on 23 September 2024. The reconstruction of the time series of quarterly economic accounts by industry and by institutional sector (in particular household, non-financial business and general government sectors) and that of the annual accounts by institutional sector will be published shortly afterwards. Time series will be recalculated from 1995.

A descriptive note will be issued in the coming months to provide preliminary information on the main ongoing changes that will be integrated in the new data.

Data di pubblicazione: 01 marzo 2024


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