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Living conditions and household income - Years 2021-2022

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In 2022 just under a quarter of the population (24.4%) is at risk of poverty or social exclusion, almost as much as in 2021 (25.2%). However, with the recovery of the economy, the population in conditions of severe material and social deprivation is significantly reduced (4.5% compared to 5.9% in 2021) and the population at risk of poverty remains stable (20.1%).

In 2021, the average household income (€33,798) returned to growth both in current price (+3%) and constant price (+1%).

In 2021, the total income of the wealthiest households is 5.6 times that of the poorest households (substantially stable ratio compared to 2020). This value would have been higher (6.4) in the absence of interventions to support households.

Periodo di riferimento: Years 2021-2022

Data di pubblicazione: 30 giugno 2023



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