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Estimates of modalities of use of websites by enterprises

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The estimates of the modalities of use of websites by enterprises – produced using directly Internet data – are made available by Istat.

In download, in Excel format, the estimates of the rate of enterprises (on the total reference population) that own or use a website in which are available:

  1. web ordering functions (e-commerce component);
  2. information on job vacancies;
  3. links to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.);
  4. all the information above, organized by NACE level 2.

The estimates, referring to 2017, concern a reference population of about 184,000 enterprises with at least 10 persons employed operating in different sectors of economic activity.

Data are obtained through a procedure based on web scraping and natural language processing techniques.

Periodo di riferimento: Year 2017

Data di pubblicazione: 08 giugno 2018

Experimental statistics

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