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Aspects of daily life: public use micro.stat files

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The Multipurpose survey on households “Aspects of daily life” (AVQ) is an annual sample survey carried out by interviewing a sample of 20,000 households (for a total of about 50,000 people). From 2018, the survey is carried out by a sequential CAWI/PAPI mixed mode technique.

AVQ survey is part of an integrated system of social surveys and collects fundamental information on individual and households daily life. The survey provides information on the citizens’ habits and the problems they face in everyday life.

In the questionnaires, the thematic areas cover different social aspects consenting to realize which is the quality of individual life, the degree of satisfaction of their life conditions, their economic situation, the area in which they live, the functioning of public utility services and other topics useful to study the quality of life. School, work, family and social life, leisure time, political and social participation, health, life styles, access to the services are all investigated from a point of view in which behaviors, motivations, opinions contribute to define the social information.

The survey is included in The National Statistic Plan, which gathers the statistical investigations necessary for the Country.


Periodo di riferimento: Years 2022-2013

Data di pubblicazione: 02 maggio 2024