public finance

5 April 2024

National accounts by institutional sectors - Years 1995-2023

Decrease in households saving and corporations investment rates In 2023 gross disposable income grows by 4.7% whereas households purchasing power decreases (-0.5%). Final consumption expenditure […]
Reference period: Years 1995-2023
1 March 2024

GDP and general government net borrowing - Year 2023

In 2023 GDP at current prices grew by 6.2% (to 2,085,376 million euro) compared with the previous year. The chained volume measure of GDP increased […]
Reference period: Year 2023
29 January 2024

The wealth of Italy’s institutional sectors

The wealth estimates compiled by Istat and the Bank of Italy, released today, provide a comprehensive overview of the assets held by Italy’s institutional sectors […]
Reference period: Years 2005-2022