5 April 2024

National accounts by institutional sectors - Years 1995-2023

Decrease in households saving and corporations investment rates In 2023 gross disposable income grows by 4.7% whereas households purchasing power decreases (-0.5%). Final consumption expenditure […]
Reference period: Years 1995-2023
1 March 2024

Major revision of national accounts in September 2024

A major revision of national accounts has been agreed upon at European level for 2024, five years after the previous revision in 2019. Major, or […]
30 June 2023

Living conditions and household income - Years 2021-2022

In 2022 just under a quarter of the population (24.4%) is at risk of poverty or social exclusion, almost as much as in 2021 (25.2%). […]
Reference period: Years 2021-2022
5 April 2023

National accounts by institutional sector

The series of national accounts by ¬†institutional sectors released today by Istat on the I.Stat data warehouse (topic ‘National accounts’, subtopic ‘Annual non-financial accounts by […]
Reference period: Years 1995-2022