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ICT in enterprises

The adoption of basic information and communication technologies in enterprises with 10 employees in industry and services is now widely established: in January 2010, 95.1 percent of companies claimed to use computers and 93.7 percent had a connection to the Internet. The use of computers involved four out of ten persons employed.

In January 2010 the use of networks regarded an average of 24.4 percent of companies for Intranet and 17.3 percent for Extranet; open source operating systems were used by 15.9 percent of firms, while digital signature was used by 23.6 percent of them.

In general, wide differences emerged between small companies (10-49 persons employed) and larger ones (with more than 250 persons employed). The use of Intranet regarded 21.3 percent of small firms, and the larger shares depended on the company size, the top share was 74.4 percent, and it was registered in large units. Similarly, the use of Extranets was registered in 15.1 percent of small businesses and 54.6 percent of big ones. The open source operating systems were used by 13.9 percent of small and by 49.3 percent of large enterprises; digital signature respectively, from 21.7 and 50.0 percent.

The use of the Internet via fixed broadband connections regarded 83.1 percent of firms. 84.0 percent of firms was connected to the Internet via broadband connections (including fixed and mobile ones); the fast mobile connections were used by 18.6 percent of firms.

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