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Consumer price basket 2015

As every year, Istat updates the list of products included in the consumer price index basket. The updating takes into account the novelty emerged in the household spending habits and enriched, in some cases, the range of products which represent consolidated consumption.

The 2015 basket for the Italian consumer price indices for the whole nation (NIC) and for blue and white-collar households (FOI) is made up of 1,441 products (1,447 in 2014), which are grouped into 618 representative items (614 in 2014).

The 2014 basket for the Italian harmonized index of consumer prices (HICP) is made up of 1,457 (1,463 in 2014) products, which are grouped into 623 representative items (in 2014 they were 619).

Compared with 2014 the items Gluten-free biscuits, Gluten-free pasta, Non-alcoholic beer, Vehicle sharing (car sharing and bike sharing) and Beverages dispensed by automatic vending machine have been included in the basket for the first time.

Collection of prices of “Ginseng coffee at the café” will be added to that of Hot drinks at the café, as well as “Fiscal counsel for dwelling taxes computation” has been included in the representative item Freelance business consultant honorary.

The items Navigation system – GPS, HiFi music centre, DVD player/recorder and Computer course has been dropped from the basket.

Next scheduled publication: February 2016