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Permanent census of population and housing

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The permanent census of the population and housing begins in October 2018. For the first time ISTAT conducts not a ten-yearly but an annual survey of the main characteristics of the country’s resident population and its social and economic conditions at national, regional and local levels.

The new permanent census of population and housing do not involve all Italian families, but a sample of them each year: about 1,400,000 families resident in 2,800 Italian municipalities.

Moreover, only a percentage of the municipalities (about 1,100 of them) will take part by census operations every year; the remainder will be called to participate once every four years. In this way, all municipalities will be surveyed at least once by 2021.

Thanks to the integrated use of statistical survey sampling and data from administrative sources, the permanent census will annually return data representing the entire population, and also reduce costs and response burden on families. This information is necessary to public policy makers (State, Region, Province, Municipality), enterprises, trade associations, institutions and bodies that use the data to make informed programming decisions, plan activities and projects, deliver services to Italian citizens and foreigners who live in Italy and monitor territorial policies and actions.

From 2021, the legal population will be determined at five-year intervals by decree of the President of the Republic based on the results of the permanent census of the population.