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Permanent censuses

ISTAT has begun the rollout of the permanent census of population and economic units, which will involve the carrying out of continuous surveys at yearly, biennial and triennial intervals. The census round of 2010-2011 brought to a close a long phase in the history of public statistics, involving general censuses held every ten years.

The strategy of permanent censuses, in line with European development policies and the ISTAT modernisation programme, covers major thematic areas: population and housing, enterprises, non-profit institutions and public institutions. The agriculture census will also become permanent from 2021.
Unlike the past, permanent censuses will not involve all citizens, enterprises and institutions, but parts of them from time to time, that is representative samples. However, the data disseminated to the Country will be census data, and therefore referable to the entire field of the survey.

This is possible by integrating administrative sources with sample surveys, ensuring that new censuses will be exhaustive and increase the quantity and quality of the data output, reduce the response burden for citizens and economic operators and the reduce the overall costs.
It is a profound change that will give citizens, public policy makers and industry experts precise data on the phenomena characterising the evolution of Italian society.