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Twitter account – @istat_en – is managed by the Directorate for Communication .

No automation is used to post messages (such as tools that generate tweets from RSS feeds): tweets are written and posted exclusively by the responsible team.

On average, 2-10 tweets are posted everyday. They contain:
1. main results of investigations;
2. promotion of conferences and seminars open to the public;
3. occasional live coverage of events;
4. dissemination of publications;
5. tender notices and results, notices of scholarships, contests and selections held by the Institute;
6. reporting on most relevant initiatives, activities and projects.

The @istat_en team constantly monitors and updates the Twitter account Monday to Friday and, on special occasions, even on Saturdays and Sundays.

Those who follow @istat_en are not automatically followed. Analysis of followers, however, is guaranteed to facilitate the identification of @istat_en message recipients and adopt appropriate methods of communication and content.

Any comments, suggestions and ideas from followers are welcome. Posts will not be responded to unless the topic is deemed useful and the communication style adequate; the @istat_en team will join the conversation and respond to requests received; they also undertake to transfer any comments or suggestions to responsible officers.

The contact details for our Institute are available in the Contact Us section of this website

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Last edit: 13 February 2018