Eduroam (Education Roaming)

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Istat is a member of the Eduroam Italian Federation which is coordinated by GARR.

The Eduroam Italian Federation is, in turn, a member of th European Confederation Eduroam, whose purpose is to extend internationally the services provided by the National Federations Eduroam.

Eduroam (Education Roaming) is a safe wi-fi roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. Eduroam allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to connect to Internet using their own laptop and credentials when visiting other Eduroam-connected institutions.

For information and assistance:
logo eduroam

Wifi connectivity settings

SSID: eduroam
Authentication: 802.1x with PEAP or TTLS
Authentication (phase 2): MSCHAP v2
CA Certificate: AddTrust External CA Root
Authentication credentials: same user ID and password combination to login at your home institution in the userid@domain format

Acceptable Use Policy – AUP

The following activities are not allowed on the Istat network:

– to use network resources and services, to connect pieces of equipment or services or software to the network, to spread a virus, hoaxes or other software in a way that can damage, trouble or disturb other people, other users or service activities available on the Istat network and any other networks connected to it;

– to create and send (other than for research purposes, and in any case in a controlled and legal way) any image, data or other offensive items, libel or indecent documents that attack human’s dignity, with particular regards to sex, race or faith;

– to send unsolicited commercial and/or promotional documents (“spamming”), and to let third parties use one’s own resources for this purpose;

– to damage, destroy or try to access data without authorization or to violate other users’ privacy, to intercept or disseminate private passwords, cryptographic keys and any other personal data as defined by the privacy protection laws;

– to carry out on the Istat network any other activity forbidden by the State Law, by the International rules and by the rules and netiquette of network and network services used.

The access to Istat network is provided on the basis of the full acceptance of the rules listed in this document.

Last edit: 13 February 2018