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FS4 (First Stage Stratification and Selection in Sampling)
FS4 is a generalized software for first stage stratification and selection in sampling related to two or more stages, implemented completely in R and with a GUI (Graphical User Interface).

MAUSS-R (Multivariate Allocation of Units in Sampling Surveys – version R with  Java interface)
Software for the determination of the sample allocation in the multivariate case and for multiple domains of estimate for single selection stage samples.

Multiway Sample Allocation
R-package implementing the sample allocation for one stage multi-way stratified (simple or with varying inclusion probabilities) sampling and for incomplete stratified sampling designs. The allocation allows to control the expected sampling errors of the estimates of many parameters and several reference subpopulations.

R2BEAT (Multistage Sampling Design and PSUs selection)
R-package implementing the multivariate optimal allocation for different domains in one and two stages stratified sample design.

Optimal stratification of sampling frames for multipurpose sampling surveys.

Last edit: 01 February 2021