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Non-standard classifications

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In this section new experimental classifications are available. They can be divided into two main categories.

Non-standard classifications in a strict sense, obtained from the official classifications (those defined at an international level and, more generally, those currently used by Istat in publishing official data, such as, for example, the classification of economic activities or of local systems), aggregating the classification items in a different way. These classifications can be adopted by users by applying the transcoding tables provided in this section to disseminated data. The grouping of local systems by the features of the prevalent economic activities is an example.

New classifications, proposed as experimental within Istat analysis and research activities, generally based on microdata processing. For this reason, they cannot be easily reproduced by the user, unless with the assistance of Istat researchers and the access to microdata. The social groups proposed in the Annual Report 2017 are an example.

Most of the new experimental classifications are available in Italian language only.

  • Update of the classification of municipalities according to the Italian ecoregions
    Reference period: 2016-2019
    Date of last update: 08 November 2019
  • A taxonomy of Italian firms’ internationalization models, composed of six mutually exclusive classes, representing different modes of operating on foreign markets
    Date of last update: 03 March 2017