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2022 UNECE Expert Meeting on Statistical Data Collection

26-28 ottobre 2022
Via Cesare Balbo, 16

Istat hosts the annual UNECE meeting on the Data Collection (DC2022), from 26 to 28 October 2022.
The aim of the expert meeting is to present the most innovative techniques and best practices on the subject of statistical data collection, in order to foster the exchange of experiences and promote collaboration in the sector. The target audience for the expert meeting includes senior and middle-level managers responsible for data collection activities and new data sources, across all statistical domains.

The programme of the meeting will consist of the following substantive topics:

  • Automated Data Collection: New techniques and IT solutions to improve support and interaction with survey respondents
  • Responsive Design: Leveraging data collected in the early stages of a survey to inform data collection design in the later stages
  • Respondent Care: Improving the experience of respondents from initial contact through to completion of the survey
  • Managing Multimode Data Collection and Integrating Sources
  • Rapid Data Collection Strategies and Real Time Indicators: Filling the information gaps of the rapidly changing environment

We regret not able to offer you a seat to attend the meeting in-person given the restriction of the venue in Rome.
We hope you could join us remotely via the Microsoft Teams platform and share your comments and questions via