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Early estimates of main economic aggregates in geographical areas

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In 2012, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), measured in volume, grew quite homogeneously at the regional level. The reduction was slightly lower than the national average in the North-west area (-2.1%) and in the Centre (-2.3%), while it was the same as the national level in the North-east (-2.4%), a higher decrease was observed in the South and Islands area (-2.8%).

In 2012 employment decreased by 1.1% in Italy. Such evolution reflects different trends of value added in Italian geographical areas. The greatest contraction (-1.4%) occurred in the South and Islands area, whereas in the Centre-North area the decline in employment was smaller (-1%). In the North-east the reduction in employment was equal to -0.8%, while it was equal to -1% both in North-west and in the Centre. Larger territorial disparities concerned employment in the industrial sector; small decreases occurred in the North (-2.2% in the North-west and -2.4% in the North-east), while a more evident decline was observed in the Centre (-4.4 %) and the South and Islands area (-3.6%).

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Reference period: Year 2012

Date of Issue: 21 June 2013