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Citizens and the ICTs

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In 2012, the percentage of households owning a personal computer (59.3%) and access to the Internet at home (55.5%) remains stable as compared to 2011, while broadband connection increases (from 45.8% to 48.6%).

Households with children (under 18) are the most ICTs-oriented: 83.9% own a PC, 79% have an Internet access at home and 70.8% have broadband access. On the other hand, households composed only by individuals of 65 and over maintain a low level of technological goods: only 13.9% own a PC and 11.8% have Internet access at home.

Strong inequalities at the territorial level persist in Italy in 2012. For example, in the Centre-north area 58.1% of households own Internet access at home and 51.4% have broadband access, while in the South area of Italy the percentages are, respectively 49.6% and 41.2%.

Comparing the availability of a PC, the Internet or broadband access, households with an executive, business person, self-employed professional as householder score about 17 percentage points more than those where the householder is a blue-collar worker.

The main reason for not having access to the Internet at home is the lack of the necessary skills (43.3%). 26.5% of households think the Internet is not useful and not interesting; 15.8% do not access the Internet from home because of its excessive costs (equipments, cost of connecting to the Internet), 13% do not access the Internet from home because they access it elsewhere.

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Reference period: Year 2012

Date of Issue: 03 May 2013



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