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Urban green areas

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In 2011, urban green areas were 2.7% of the territory of provincial capitals (more than 550 million of m2). 14.8% of the municipal area is included in protected natural areas while utilized agricultural areas (Uaa) represent  45.5% of the territory.

The average availability of urban green areas is 30.3 m2 for each resident: the lowest values are found in the Centre area (23 m2 per inhabitant) and in North-west one (24.3 m2). In the North-east area the average value is at least twice that of the Central and North-west ones (45.4 m2 per inhabitant) and also in the southern part of the Country the value is comparatively high (37.1 m2 among the cities of the South and 26, 7 m2 in the Islands).

There are 43 provincial capitals with a “green profile” defined by the following characteristics: consistent allocation of urban green areas (19 cities) and in addition to this, above-average incidences of protected natural areas (11 cities), or areas designated for agricultural use (additional 11 cities), while only two cities have higher than average values ​​ for all three types of green areas.

In about 15% of the capitals the availability of urban green areas is equal to or greater than 50 m2 per inhabitant, while in 17.7% it does not meet the threshold of 9 m2 per capita.

About one-fifth of the cities has above average values ​​both for density and for availability of urban green areas: among these Sondrio, Trento, Potenza and Matera. Low values ​​of both indicators, characterize half of the capitals (almost 70% among those located in the South of the Country).

Reference period: Year 2011

Date of Issue: 03 May 2013



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