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Marriages in Italy

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Istat has published the main results of the Survey of Marriages celebrated in Italy, based on municipal Registry office records updated as of 2008. The survey makes it possible to monitor the number of religious and civil ceremonies and weddings involving at least one foreign citizen for each municipality.

The individual marriage data in addition make it possible to learn the main socio-demographic characteristics of the marriage partners.

246,613 marriages were celebrated in Italy in 2008, approximately 4 for every 1,000
inhabitants. Marriages have been declining since 1972, when almost 419,000 marriages were celebrated (7.7 for every 1,000 inhabitants).

This decline has taken place for first marriages: the number of unions between partners
marrying for the first time fell from almost 392,000 in 1972 (93.5% of the total) to 212,476 in 2008 (86.2%). 518 first marriages per 1,000 males and 580 per 1,000 females were recorded in 2008, figures which were almost halved compared with 1972.

In addition, first marriages occur at an increasingly later age, with first marriages at an average age of 33.0 for males and 29.9 for females.

Reference period: 2008

Date of Issue: 08 April 2010



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