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Istat disseminates the 2009 regional estimates. They refer to the second level of the territorial partition defined by the European Regulation on the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS), on full time equivalent units, gross domestic product, compensations of employees and final household consumption expenditure. Upon this occasion 2007-2008 data have been revised and are coherent with the National level published in March 2010.

In 2009 GDP decreased by 6.0% in the North-West area, by 5.6% in the North-East, by 3.9% in the Centre and by 4.3% in the South, while at the national level they decreased by 5.0%. The GDP per capita, computed as the ratio between the GDP at current prices and the average number of residents in the year, slowed down by 3.7% at the national level. If on one hand the recession was less remarkable in the South (-2.7%) and the Centre (-2.9%), on the other hand it was more evident in North-West (-4.6%) and in North-East (-4.5%).

Reference period: Year 2009

Date of Issue: 28 September 2010



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