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Graduates and work 2011

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During the year 2011, the eighth edition of the Survey on the vocational integration of university graduates was carried out, on a sample of those who graduated in 2007. The sample was selected to provide analyses related to: a) three-years bachelor’s courses graduates; b) “single-cycle” courses graduates (including the new and the old system “long” courses); c) two-years masters courses graduates.

In 2011, 71.5% of 2007 university graduates were employed, while 15.2% were looking for a job. Considering the previous survey (on 2004 graduates), the employment rate is lower (73.2% in 2007) and the rate referring to job-seekers is higher (13.5%). The comparison nevertheless is influenced by the altered distribution of university degrees: in the 2007 population, three-years bachelors degrees were prevalent, while in 2004 the prevalent degree was the 4-6-years “single cycle” one.

It is to be highlighed that in the 2011 survey the employment situation is significantly different from one type of university degree to another. In 2011, 69.3% of 2007 3-year bachelors degrees graduates were employed:  almost 4% less than the figure observed in 2007 among those who obtained in 2004 a 3-years bachelors degree (Table 1); furthermore, always for this group, unemployment in 2011 was more than 5% higher (19.5% opposed to 14.2% in 2007).

Date of Issue: 21 September 2012



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