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The First Italian Tourism Satellite Account

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This paper presents the results produced by the means of the first Italian Tourism Satellite Account (TSA), for the year 2010. They are highly recommended to evaluate the role that tourism sector performs in the entire economy, as well as to allow processing and comparison at an international level.

In 2010 the estimate of the value added produced by the tourism related industries is € 82.833 million, corresponding to the 6% of the total Italian value added.

The total internal tourism consumption amounts to € 114.016 million, mostly attributable to the Italian tourists (44,2% of the total), while international tourist flows accounting for 25,7%. The other components of tourism consumption, among which the use of second home for vacation, constitute 30,1% of tourist demand.

More detailed information are available at the Italian version.

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Reference period: Year 2010

Date of Issue: 04 July 2012



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