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Classification of Italian qualifications

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Year 2003

For the first time in Italy, Istat has produced a Classification of qualifications. The purpose of the classification is to reconstruct as extensively as possible the whole range of qualifications awarded in Italy and potentially held by the population.

In the absence of statutory or institutional sources, the classification was constructed mainly from statistical sources. Particular reference has been made to surveys of upper secondary education, university education, and Censuses of the Italian population.

After being subjected to appropriate tests, the classification was used to assign a code to the qualifications identified in the 2001 Population Census. Subsequently it was updated to take account of the qualifications awarded recently.

Both of the Excel files are arranged in the following columns:

A Alphabetically, by qualification
B Code according to level of qualification
C Code according to type of school/institute or group of academic courses
D Code according to school/post-school specification or course of academic studies
E Qualification code (bringing together columns B, C and D)
F Type of school/institute or course/class of academic courses awarding the qualification
G Possible synonyms for qualification
H ISCED 97 level and “destination”
I ISCED 97 field of studies

Documents in download are only available in Italian.

For information

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Reference period: Year 2003

Date of Issue: 28 October 2005