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Accounting and administrative justice

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ISTAT publishes the results of surveys on administrative and accounting justice system relating to 2009.

In order to facilitate comparisons of the phenomena over time, the tables are printed in the same format used in the previous edition, with certain integrations, published in the “Annual statistics report on the civil justice system. Year 2004”.

The surveys are performed every year and cover the entire range of events.

The report covers the procedures and decisions relating to the following types of case:

  • administrative – regarding the activity of regional administrative Courts, the Council of State and the Sicilian regional administrative justice council;
  • accounting – regarding the justice activities of the Court of Auditors.

The tables are accompanied by an index, a glossary and a summary information note to assist interpretation of the figures.

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Reference period: Year 2009

Date of Issue: 28 June 2012



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