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Sales of real estate units and loans

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Istat has published data for the fourth quarter of 2011 on notarial deeds for both the sale of real estate units – divided in residential units (homes and appurtenances) and business units – and the stipulation of mortgage-secured and non-mortgage-secured loans.

In the Italian version of Istat website a set of tables containing regional details and records from various District Notarial Archives is available.

Notarial deeds – Sale of real estate units

In the fourth quarter of 2011, nationwide real estate unit sales agreements totalled 234,985 up 1.7% over the same period for the previous year. Of these, 218,705 (93.1%) concerned homes and appurtenances and 14,473 (6.2 %) real estate units for business purposes.

Sales of residential properties rose by 2.1%, whereas sales of properties for business use fell by 4.8%

For the full year 2011, sales of residential use (761,077) decreased by 0.1% over the previous year, real estate units for business purposes (49,387) fell by 1.0% and the total number of real estate unit sales (816,758) decreased by 0.1%

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Reference period: IV quarter 2011

Date of Issue: 29 May 2012



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