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Services to homeless people

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In 158 Italian municipalities, where the survey was carried out, there were 727 organizations providing, in 2010, services to homeless people. They acted in 1,187 locations for a total of 3,125 services, given that each location provided, on average, 2.6 services.

A third of the services gives an answer to primary needs (food, clothes or personal hygiene), the 17% provides a night shelter, whereas the 4% offers day shelter. Social secretariat and social support services are very widespread on the territory (24% and 21%, respectively).

The users of support services for primary needs are twenty times higher than those using night shelters and they are twice the users of social secretariat and social support services.

Public organizations directly provide 14% of the total services and they reach 18% of the total users.

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Reference period: Year 2010

Date of Issue: 21 November 2011



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