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General government net borrowing and debt in the EDP Notification according to Maastricht Treaty

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Data on General government net borrowing, for the years 2007- 010, transmitted last March 31st to the European Commission1, confirm the ones published on March 1st 2011.

In 2010, General government net borrowing decreased by about 10.530 millions euros over the previous year, reaching the level of -71.211 millions euros, equal to 4,6% of GDP (5,4% in the previous year).

For the years 2010, General government debt, published by Bank of Italy, was equal to 1.843.015 millions euros (119,0% of GDP). Compared to the previous year, the debt GDP ratio increased by 2,9 percentage points.

According to the forecasts presented in the “Documento di Economia e Finanza” and included in the Notification tables, the 2011 net borrowing and the net borrowing net of interest should amount respectively to -3,9 and 0,9% of GDP, while government debt would rise to 120,0% of GDP.

Reference period: Years 2007-2010

Date of Issue: 26 April 2011



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