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Turnover of industry and services - January 2024

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Starting from this bulletin (referred to January 2024) onwards, Istat starts the joint release of industry turnover indices and services turnover indices in the new base 2021=100. Compared to previous publications, the services indices change from quarterly to monthly frequency. In addition, volume indices are released, i.e. adjusted for the change due to the price component. More details on the base change are available in the Methodological note at page 6.

In January, estimates for seasonally adjusted turnover index fell both in value (-3.1%) and volume (-2.6%) in the month on month series (-2.4% in the domestic market for both values and volumes and -4.5% for values and -2.8% for volumes in the non-domestic market).

On the other hand, estimates for seasonally adjusted turnover index for Total services increased in the month on month series (+1.6% in value and +1.7% in volume, respectively).

In the three month period ending January 2024, the seasonally adjusted industry turnover decreased in value (-0.7%) and increased in volume (+0.4%) over the previous three-month period. In services, value increased by +0.8% (+0.7% in volume).

On a year-on-year basis, in January 2024, the calendar adjusted industry turnover index fell in both value (-3.6%) and volume (-1.8%) and decreased by 3.4% in the domestic market (-1.6% in volume) and by 3.9% in the non-domestic market (-2.6% in volume). Calendar working days in January 2024 were 22, one less than January 2023.

In services, when compared with the same month a year earlier, turnover increased by +3.6% in value and +3.8% in volume.

Reference period: January 2024

Date of Issue: 12 April 2024

Next release: 10 May 2024



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The documents published before 12 April, 2024 are available in the archives of Industrial turnover and Turnover in services