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Italian statistics olympics 2024: team phase concluded

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The rankings of the second phase (team phase) of the Italian statistics olympics, the competition aimed at students in the first four classes of upper secondary schools, are available. This year 45 teams took part.

In the I and II class group, first place went to the team from the Institute Tron-Zanella of Schio (VI) with the work “I bei ‘vecchi’ tempi”, followed by the team from the Liceo Rambaldi-Valeriani-Da Imola of Imola (BO), with the work “I bei tempi passati” (ranking I and II classes).

First place in the III and IV class group was awarded to the Institute G. Marconi-M. Hack of Bari, with the work “I bei tempi passati”, followed by the team from the Institute da Vinci-Carli-de Sandrinelli of Trieste with the work “Friuli-Venezia Giulia – Evoluzione delle abitudini culturali e confronto con l’Italia” (ranking III and IV classes).

The teams classified in the first two positions in each of the two categories will enter the European Statistics Competition, the European competition promoted by Eurostat in collaboration with the European National Statistical Institutes, in which students from upper secondary schools in EU countries participate.

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Date of Issue: 28 March 2024