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Italian Statistics Olympics 2024: large participation at the national level

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The individual round of the 14th edition of the Italian Statistics Olympics, aimed at students in the first four years of upper secondary schools in Italy, was held from 16 to 19 January.

Given the large number of entrants, the competition was held over four days. In line with the trend of recent years, the record number of participants was again beaten in 2024, with 6,639 students (+33.6%). There were 2,769 female students and 3,870 male students; 1,914 students took the test in the first year, 2,243 in the second year, 1,386 in the third year and 1,096 in the fourth year.

Winners of the first phase will be inserted in the “Albo nazionale delle eccellenze” (National register of excellences), according to the appropriate Ministerial Decree.

The first 30 schools in each category (I-II and III-IV) can participate in the team phase starting on 29 January 2024.

For this phase of the competition, the deadline for submitting entries is 23 February.

Winners of the Italian team phase (the first two teams for the I-II year group and the first two for the III-IV year group) will be eligible for the European Competition, organised by Eurostat with the collaboration of the European National Statistical Institutes.

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Date of Issue: 02 February 2024